Which Social Media Channels Should Your Business Be On?

A question we often get asked is which social media channels should a business focus on. And that is a fair and good question. Mainly because with so many options out there these days, it can get fairly confusing.

So, today we are looking at two theories – one that suggest that you should be everywhere while the other believes that a business should choose the ones that will benefit their audience and growth.

In reality, social media is a full-time job. So, if a business has a social media person in the team, that is great. But if they don’t, trying to be across all channels is impossible. In that case, a business would want to ask themselves two things:

  1. Who are your target audience and where to they hang out
  2. Where will those audience be in the future.

Answering those question will assist in not only deciding on which social media channels to focus on but will also help in understanding the latest trends and future of social media.

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