Content Marketing

Building the right content for your business

Your content is a crucial part of your overall digital platform. Not only does good content convey your company’s message, the right content helps you build an online foundation that will result in business for many years to come. We love helping companies tell their story and we understand how important your message is.

Here’s how we can help:

Target your audience

We will dive deep into your business to find out who your clients are and what business generates the best outcome for your company. We will then help you create high quality content directed at your market.

Education vs Sale

Long gone is the sales pitch that tells you what to buy. In this day and age, content needs to educate, provide one with a solution to a problem. The more you educate, the more trust you earn from the prospect reading your content and the more chance you have of converting them in to a client. We will create highly engaging and educational content for your brand.

Get found by those who need you

Having the right content on your website will help you not only present your company to clients and prospects but help your site better rank on search engines and as a result, get found more often.

Danny took the time to understand my business and the different services I offer.

From our consultation I have a better understanding now of all the different types of content creation and which ones would be most beneficial to focus my time on in order to grow my business.

By gaining an understanding Danny built a long term and short term strategy that focused on facebook as well as encouraging me to start diving into videos for youtube and other platforms in order to differentiate myself within the market.

My business has seen consistent increased growth over the last year when I have concentrated and implement those strategies. Thank you Danny!

Kirsty Lottering
Rose & Rhyme

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