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How to film video blogs during school holidays

So, it’s holiday season and your business might be closing down for a bit, giving you the time to be at home, perhaps to think about the marketing for 2024, or even better, film that content that you’ve been considering for the past 11 months, but never had the time to do. Then all of…
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Do You Know Why Marketing is Everyone’s Job?

One of the biggest challenges marketing managers face is getting other teams within the business, invested in the marketing strategy and messaging. This video highlights a number of points: Firstly, marketing is everybody’s job Even if their job does not include creating and publishing, they are still marketing the business and brand in their daily…
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What Day Should I Post On Social Media

It’s the question that every business owner and marketer asks about social media. What time and day should we be publishing? Over time, you may have heard many theories pop up. Some would say Monday mornings are ideal for publishing, when everyone’s on public transport. Others would say Friday afternoons are great, when everyone’s had…
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Which Social Media Channels Should Your Business Be On?

A question we often get asked is which social media channels should a business focus on. And that is a fair and good question. Mainly because with so many options out there these days, it can get fairly confusing. So, today we are looking at two theories – one that suggest that you should be…
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Out of Video Blog Ideas for Your Business?

Talking to a camera and not knowing what to blog about are two points we find ourselves chatting to many businesses about these days. After all, when you started your business, it is unlikely you thought that one day you would be sitting Infront of a camera and talking about it. But in 2023, when…
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