Out of Video Blog Ideas for Your Business?

Talking to a camera and not knowing what to blog about are two points we find ourselves chatting to many businesses about these days.

After all, when you started your business, it is unlikely you thought that one day you would be sitting Infront of a camera and talking about it.

But in 2023, when consumers rely so heavily on the use of digital platforms to find information, not blogging and having a digital presence means your business is missing out.

Video blogging is simply a way to showcase yourself as an industry leader, it is a great way to gain the consumer trust, and build a relationship with your audience.

Now, it is possible that you have been blogging for some time now but feel like you have run out of ideas.

So, whether you have run out of ideas and not sure what to blog about or if you are looking to find out what your audience are asking, there are tools that can help.

Platforms to help businesses with blog topics

  1. Answer the public – this is a great tool that allows you to enter any keywords you are looking to focus on. The platform will generate results for you, showcasing what people are currently asking. Not only that, but the platform will rank the topics from the most popular question. Meaning, that you now have a list of topics for your upcoming blogs. Topics you know that are valuable to your audience.
  2. ChatGPT – certainly, we have mentioned this platform previously, and it is likely you have heard many others mentioning it too. That’s because it’s a great tool. Today, you can hop on the platform and simply type in: generate blog topics for (any topic).
  3. Google trends – this is a great way to see the latest trending topics, related to your business. The user-friendly tool is free.
  4. Moz – the platform offering a free and pro-options is a great way to find keywords and relevant topics for your business. As a result, it can help generate some great topics for your video blogs.

For any questions or further information, reach out to us at A Digital Marketer and we would be glad to help.

Goodluck with your blogging.

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