Digital Marketing Workshops

Working with your team

Just like you, we see an endless amount of information out there these days regarding digital marketing tools, strategies, and best practices.

As a result, we offer a variety of workshops with groups and teams of all sizes to help your company and brand succeed with your marketing plans.

Our goal is to help answer any questions and assist in guiding you in the right direction.

All our workshops are tailored towards each company.

Who are our digital marketing workshops for?

In short, our workshops are a fit for the entire team and company.

One of the most important things brands and businesses should keep in mind is that marketing and understanding how it works is everybody’s job. Even if you have a dedicated marketing team or content creators within the business.

It helps align the thoughts and direction within the company.

So, the decision is up to you, whether you want the digital marketing workshop to be specifically for your marketing team or the entire business.

What you will learn at the digital marketing workshop

Why digital marketing is important for your business

We will look at today’s consumer and the role digital marketing plays.

How to build an effective online presence

Making sure you are spending the time and effort on the best channels and platforms for your business.

The latest tools and best practices

The best available tools, the present, and the future of digital marketing. We will also dedicate time to demonstrate how to use certain tools to help you build and strengthen an effective marketing campaign.

A digital marketing plan for your business

Once the workshop is complete, over the next 10 business days you will receive a digital marketing plan for your business.

We used A Digital Marketer in getting strategic advice around our approach to social media. Danny’s approach and guidance was thoughtful and efficient and facilitated traction for us very quickly. The level of support provided was adaptable and aligned with our current circumstances, A Digital Marketer put together a range of support options in line with our budget, making them adaptable, flexible and easy to use.

Jennifer Long

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